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VW Racing Engines

Volkswagen Racing Engines
Interprep has extensive experience with VW racing engines. Our VW engines have won numerous amateur and professional championships over the years. Interprep engines powered many of the championship winning cars which dominated the Escort Endurance and Firestone Firehawk pro series of the 1980's. In 1986 Interprep won the Bilstein/Golf Cup championship. In 1990, Interprep was selected as the official engine builder of the Volkswagen of America racing Corrado G60s

1.6-1.8L Engines
Our 1.8L 8v, 16v and G60 engines have raced successfully in nearly every road racing and rally series.
  • Custom piston sets
  • Complete balancing of all rotating components.
  • Machining for precise compression ratio.
  • Custom oil control baffles and windage trays
  • Cylinder head flow testing and porting
  • and much, much more...
VR6 Engine

We've built winning VR6 engines for SCCA National "Showroom Stock" racing, Firehawk Pro Racing and Canadian GT Cup racing. The VR6 engine is a difficult engine to machine properly do to it's unique 15 degree block / single head configuration. Don't trust the machining of your VR6 to the inexpereinced !
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ITB 8v match porting.

Custom made windage tray for IT.

Supercharged VR6 Race Engine